Hexthorpe Social Enterprise CIC is winding down

It hasn't been an easy decision but it's one we had to make. We are gutted but we believe that HSE has run it's course. We're currently in the process of getting ready to apply for voluntary striking off from the Companies House register. We have some work left to do, finalising our accounts and passing on our assets, but we are now no longer a trading CIC and we are committed to winding down the company.

What does this mean?

The events and activities we ran in Hexthorpe as Hexthorpe Social Enterprise CIC will no longer be taking place. We have found a new home for our crazy golf and bowls equipment, Hexthorpe Primary School will certainly make good use of them.

We were hoping that a new or existing community group would take on the events, we would have assisted in the transition and offered the event equipment we have, unfortunately no-one showed any interest in this. This is devestating for us but we can't find anyone or any group to take on the events.

A Massive Thank You!

We'd like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts who has been involved in the events , activities and community projects we've held in Hexthorpe over the last three years. That includes everyone who has worked with us and also everyone who showed their support by turning up and enjoying the fun and getting involved!

We are still proud to say we are from Hexthorpe and it has been an immense pleasure working within the community. Our volunteers have given their time freely to assist and for that we are very grateful. They worked with often little recognition from the community which was a crying shame because we couldn't have done what we did without them!

Project: Families Outdoors

Although we have ceased the projects, events and activities, several of the HSE volunteers will be continuing the families camping experience project we ran, under the banner of Families Outdoors. We will be forming either a charitable cause or a community group with a written constitution in order to run this project.

If you would like to find out more about this project, we have created a website, it can be found by clicking on the link below.

Families Outdoors Website